Pay Fees/Charges Online

SchoolPay - ║┌┴¤═°School Fee?Payment Program?



Through SchoolPay, ║┌┴¤═°offers an easy, convenient and secure way?to make electronic payments to student?meal accounts and school fees?like?academic course?fees, field trips, athletics, yearbooks and other merchandise.?

To use SchoolPay, you must register for a parent account. Registration is free and allows you to make and review payments relevant to your children.??A?convenience fee of 3.35% is?added to credit/debit card transactions for non-meal related items, regardless of whether payment is made online or at the school. A $1 transaction fee is charged for meal payments to offset the credit card processing fee, rather than the 3.35% transaction fee noted above.


How to Set Up a SchoolPay Account - It's?Easy!

?? ? Go to the select í░Create an Accountí▒
?? ? Enter your?required information, then your childrení»s names as they appear in school registration and their student ID numbers. If you don't?know the student ID number, contact your childí»s school.
??? ? will email?a random password generated by SchoolPay. If you don't?see the email, check your spam or junk folder.
??? ?Enter the password?into the final registration page. After the initial log on, you may change the password.

Questions? Contact a SchoolPay representative at 888-88-MYPAY (69729).?

How to Make Payments?

In your parent account, next to the?item you would like to purchase, select "Add to Cart." You'll see options to purchase items for one or more students. More?information may be requested prior to purchasing your items. Once you've purchased your items, a receipt will be emailed to you. In your account, you can also see the history of your?past transactions.

Questions? Contact your school or see your school's fee/charge schedule?on the Student Fees and Charges web page.?

For information about waivers for school fees, visit the Student Fees and Charges web page.


Note: The system does not store financial data, unless the parent/guardian elects to do so. SchoolPay is PCI-DSS certified (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), the industry standard for internet- based financial services transactions. ?All data is encrypted using SSL technology so payment account numbers are never viewable in any part of the service.