School News
Whether your child is enrolling in Poudre School District for the very first time or moving up a level to a ║┌┴¤═°middle or high school (or middle-high school), attending an openíş read ║┌┴¤═°schools host openíş
? ? Highlights of the?║┌┴¤═°Now Dec. 7 edition: Teacher Passion, Student Action video series -? NEW! Teachers bring student learning to life 2024-25 school calendar adoptedíş read Teacher video series,íş
Note: Read on for a deeper explanation about the development of the 2024-25 school year calendar that goes above and beyond the email sent from the district on Nov. 28.? 2024-25íş read ║┌┴¤═°school boardíş
? Highlights of the?║┌┴¤═°Now Nov. 16 edition: Graduate with Options: High School Planning Guide ║┌┴¤═°Future Ready Center opens Honoring Veterans Day Registration soon!íş read High School Guide,íş
Community News
In the coming months, a new Facilities Planning Steering Committee will start the challenging and necessary work of evaluating the placement of educational programs, consideringíş read Clear, reliable data oníş