Stove Prairie Elementary School

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Address:?3891 Stove Prairie Road, Bellvue 80512

History and Culture
Opened in 1896, Stove Prairie School is the oldest operating í░one-roomí▒ school in Colorado.?Stove Prairie joined ║┌┴¤═°in 1960. Now one of the three mountain schools, this little school í░at?the end of the rainbowí▒ offers a multi-grade learning environment. Kindergarten classes are?full day and tuition free. Preschool is available on site for children ages 3-4 up to three days per?week.

Academics and Activities
Stove Prairie offers a challenging math program and learning opportunities that focus on?literacy instruction, including a rigorous reading series with a literature-based component and?integration of reading and writing. Classroom laptops and a media center complement all?instructional areas. Art, music, and physical education are taught weekly.

The PTO supports Stove Prairie through fund-raising events such as the annual Winter Festival,?always on the first Saturday of December. Proceeds provide many opportunities to students,?such as field trips, classroom needs, library books, and media programs.