Ridgeview Classical School

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Address:?1800 South Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins 80525

History and Culture
Ridgeview Classical ║┌┴¤═° is a K-12 classical, liberal arts charter school serving roughly 800?students. The school employs the Core Knowledge sequence in the elementary school, and?a classical curriculum in grades seven through twelve emphasizing small class sizes, Socratic?discussions, and the reading of core texts. Ridgeview employs teachers with subject-specific?degrees and offers three weeks of teacher training every August for its entire faculty as well as?ongoing training throughout the year for new teachers to ensure that students are exposed to?teachers who are passionate masters of their disciplines. At Ridgeview, the academic education?provided to every student is as important as the character education, a point Ridgeview stands?behind through a rigorous curriculum and forthright discussion of the virtues in and out of the classrooms.

Academics and Activities

  • Elementary KĘC6 programs include fully implemented Core Knowledge sequence; character?education; explicit phonics program; cursive program; ability grouping in areas of reading and?math; grammar and writing; Greek and Latin languages; art; karate; music; and physical education.
  • Intermediate 7ĘC8 programs include Core Knowledge curriculum; character education; instruction in Latin and Greek daily; and electives in band, choir, orchestra, P.E., theatre, and computing.
  • High School 9ĘC12 programs offer Classical curriculum: the classics of Western literature;?primary sources in history; emphasis on concepts in math and science; required semester of Latin; modern languages taught by native speakers; moral philosophy; a wide array of other?electives ranging from engineering to anatomy and physiology to political philosophy.

Students at Ridgeview participate in a wide offering of local district varsity sports as well as?various club sports and other activities.