Mountain Sage Community School

Address:?2310 E. Prospect Road, Suite A, Fort Collins 80525

History and Culture
Mountain Sage is a school inspired by Waldorf education and sustainable living where?each child is empowered to cultivate meaningful connections to their intellectual, physical,?emotional, social and creative capacities in healthy, safe and beautiful learning environments.?With a supportive community of parents, teachers and peers, each child is enabled to become?a confident, self-directed and engaged learner.

Academics and Activities
Mountain Sage Community School offers a developmentally appropriate, arts-based?curriculum proven to inspire many types of learners while simultaneously integrating the?Colorado Academic Standards. Subjects are studied in 4-6 week blocks. From these units of?study children create their own main lesson books/portfolios. Classrooms are organized for?hands-on learning in order to provide a rich learning environment that nurtures the whole?child. In addition to the core academic subjects, students also participate in weekly German?and Spanish language classes, music, gardening, games/PE, practical arts, and painting classes.