Livermore Elementary School

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Address:?360 Red Feather Lakes Road, Livermore 80536

History and Culture
Established in 1871 as the Livermore School District #9 and consolidated into the Poudre?School District in 1961, Livermore Elementary School has a rich history in Larimer County.?Livermoreí»s multi-grade learning environment allows staff members to know every student?and encourages a high level of instruction and learning opportunities.

Academics and Activities
Livermoreí»s curriculum and instruction offer a rigorous focus on math and literacy. Staff excel?at differentiating curriculum to meet individual studentí»s needs and offers a rich selection of?programs to educate í░the whole childí▒.?Livermore Elementary uses differentiated instruction in multi-age classroom settings to deliver?the ║┌┴¤═°standards-based curriculum. Enrichment activities include the Poudre River Ecology?Program (PREP) and ECO Week.