Laurel Elementary School

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Address:?1000 Locust Street, Fort Collins 80524

History and Culture
Founded in 1906, Laurel Elementary School of Arts & Technology retains the name of the?original school on Laurel Street. Laurel embraces a diverse student population with a wide?range of economic levels, cultures, interests, and academic needs; teachers tailor instruction to?accommodate each student.

Academics and Activities

Laurel educates the whole child through the infusion of arts and technology across the?curriculum. With a culturally-rich learning environment, differences are supported and?celebrated among students. Laurel also offers an outstanding education for gifted students,?small group instruction for literacy and math, and a K-5 strings program.

As a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) school, character traits are taught using the?Time to Teach school-wide discipline program, and a teacher-created good character program?which is integrated into daily instruction.?Unique to Laurel are two every other year one-week field trips. One year students may?participate in a weeklong field trip to the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center and the next?year participate in Journey in Government - a week-long adventure to Washington, D.C.