Eyestone Elementary School

eyestone Logo? ? ??School front

Address:?4000 Wilson Avenue, Wellington 80549

History and Culture
Eyestone Elementary School is named in honor of former teacher, principal, superintendent?and past mayor of Wellington, Robert E. Eyestone. At Eyestone Elementary every staff member?is a role model for students with a focus on continuous learning within a warm, caring family?environment.

Academics and Activities
Eyestone Elementary meets learnersí» needs through differentiation of instruction, an inclusive?service delivery model for all student services, and collaboration both within and between our?teams. The school is dedicated to creating a culture of high academic expectations in a climate?of care and concern for staff and students.?
In addition to receiving a standards-based education in all core subjects, all students at?Eyestone participate in music, art, PE, and technology classes. A character education program,?Cougar Pride, is woven throughout the instructional day. Enrichment activities within and?beyond the school day include ECO week, Little Kids Rock, Robotics Club, and National Writing Month.